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Credit Counseling Session

Ready to pay off debt?

Credit counseling will help you develop a budget, identify the best debt repayment strategy, and make a plan for achieving your financial goals.

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Two New Homeowners

Thinking about buying a home?

Our course for first-time buyers teaches you everything you need to know about the homebuying process and prepares you for the financial responsibilities of homeownership.

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Couple Considering Bankruptcy

Looking for a bankruptcy counseling certificate?

If you’re filing for bankruptcy, US law requires you to obtain two bankruptcy-specific credit counseling certificates. We offer both in our self-paced online course.

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Credit Counseling Reviews

When I found Clearpoint, I was given compassion and empathy. And, I felt like they understood my situation. My debt started going down, and I felt more empowered. I also realized the danger of overspending. Now that I’ve completed my program at Clearpoint, I know not to spend money I don’t have. And, I don’t get multiple credit cards or fall into the trap of predatory loans.

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