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Getting smarter about money today will help you make better financial decisions tomorrow. So, welcome to our Resource Center, where we give you the tools you need. Click any of the categories below to check out the content we have available. From presentations, to articles, to interactive calculators, we have everything you need to manage your money more effectively and to become more knowledgeable about healthy finances.

MMI University – Free Courses on Financial Topics

MMI University

Visit MMI University to take free, on-demand courses led by our financial experts. Test yourself before and after the presentations to measure how much you’ve learned. Courses are offered on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • The Wise Use of Credit
  • Budgeting Skills
  • Managing a Small Business
  • Paying down Debt
  • Rebuilding after Foreclosure
  • And many more

There’s something for everyone in MMI University. Find the topic(s) that you want to learn more about, and get started today. Visit MMI University »

Additional Resources

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Money Management Articles

Do you want to dig deeper into a financial topic and learn tips and strategies to improve your financial health? If so, head over to our money management articles section to learn about everything from credit scores, to housing, to tips for increasing your income. Money Management Articles »

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Interactive Tools and Calculators

Check out these financial tools and resources to help gauge your financial health and plan for your future. We offer money management resources, like debt payoff tables and budget calculators, along with tools to plan for retirement, college, housing, and other goals. Interactive Tools »

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Know Your Money ebooks

Our ebooks are in-depth guides to financial tips and strategies, such as couponing, affordable recipes for the kitchen, and managing money in a relationship. They are written in a fun and enjoyable way while also being informative and helping you stretch your dollar. ebooks »