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Thomas Nitzsche, Clearpoint's Media Relations Manager
If you have a press inquiry or a general question for our media team, please contact Thomas Nitzsche, Media Relations Manager, at 404-490-2227.

Our credit counselors and educators are featured in news stories throughout the year. As new financial challenges arise daily, and our government seeks to implement new regulations to address the many problems, Clearpoint keeps consumers “in the know” by explaining how and what it all means. Our media relations staff talks to reporters around the country every day and generates hundreds of television, radio and newspaper stories on trending financial topics. Check out our most recent media appearances, and take a look below at our media data.

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Television is a large part of Clearpoint’s media strategy, but we make use of other channels as well. We have a strong web presence and also make use of print media. And, we coordinate phonebanks in major cities, giving thousands of consumers access to personalized advice from credit counselors on a wide range of topics, including budgeting tips, paying down debt, tackling housing problems and protecting your identity. You can learn more about our televised phonebanks.

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