Life After Debt Campaign Recap

Life After Debt Logo We recently celebrated our 50th year of providing financial education and counseling to American consumers. We are so honored and privileged to be able to serve communities and individuals across the country, and our clients and their stories of recovery and empowerment are what keep us going and motivate us for the future. Our “Life After Debt” campaign was an opportunity to acknowledge both the successes of those who have paid off debt and the work that remains.

As part of the campaign, we hosted events across the country, where we gathered stories about financial challenges and goals. We met some of our awesome clients who paid off debt through our debt management program. We talked to teachers about the importance of financial literacy for young consumers. And, we celebrated stories of achievement in the personal finance blogging community. It was a great year, full of many fantastic stories, some of which are complete and some of which are still ongoing. Please check out a few powerful stories and perspectives on “Life After Debt” in the playlist below:

Still on your Journey?

Not everyone is debt free yet, and we totally understand that. But the idea of “Life After Debt” still brings to mind images of freedom and is probably one of your major financial goals. We hope you are well on your way to becoming debt-free, and if you need a little extra help, we are here! A free budget and credit counseling session might be just what you need.