Service Fees

Clearpoint receives funding from entities that support financial counseling, private and corporate foundations, state and federal governmental units, creditors and individuals. Although some of our services require a fee, the majority of our counseling and education services are free. Clearpoint does not deny service if you are unable to pay. In cases of financial hardship, fees may be reduced or eliminated.

Service Fee
Credit and Debt Services
Budget and Credit Counseling Free
Debt Management Program Determined by state; $50 maximum*
Student Loan Counseling $99
Housing Services
Pre-Purchase Counseling (in person or phone) $149
Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Free
Reverse Mortgage Counseling $199
Bankruptcy Services
Pre-Filing Counseling $50 per household**
Pre-Discharge Education $50 per household
Long Term Coaching/Planning
Hispanic Center for Financial Excellence Free
Educational Services
Online Homebuyer Workshop (8 hours) $35 per person
Seminars and Workshops Varies***

*There is also a one-time setup fee, which varies by state.
**In a select few states, the fee is $20. Please contact us at 800.750.2227 to learn the fees in your state.
***The price depends on location, size of audience and type of presentation requested.