Project Porchlight

Project Porchlight LogoClearpoint’s Project Porchlight program assists those affected by natural or human-instigated disasters. The program’s primary goal is to help clients create and follow a recovery plan to successfully return to their pre-disaster ‘normal’ as quickly as possible.

The chaos and disruption experienced during and after a disaster is significant. In addition to securing safety, transportation, and basic needs, victims of disaster face a steep learning curve to understand their rights, responsibilities, and options for recovery. They may no longer be able to rely on their routines, habits, organizational tools, and support network to help them navigate these challenges.

Project Porchlight provides clients with the resources, education, and support needed to take control of their recovery by creating a tailored experience that combines:

  • Client selection and outreach
  • Intake and assessment
  • Check-ins and advocacy assistance
  • Project Porchlight Online

Program Activation

Recognizing the continued need for this type of support in future disasters, the program is designed to “hibernate” between events. During periods of hibernation, Clearpoint will continue to update the content on Project Porchlight Online and ensure counselor training is maintained. Our strategy is to be day-one ready as an immediate response resource for those affected by future disasters.

Program Capacity

Clearpoint is able to provide counseling in all 50 states and US territories with a nationwide network of branch offices. We provide service by telephone, in-person, and online. Our largest contact center in Phoenix, Arizona provides agility for emergency projects due to its advanced telecommunications infrastructure, talented and bilingual workforce, relatively low business costs, and leveraged time zone differences.

Staff Skills & Training

Clearpoint currently employs 60 dedicated housing-certified counselors. The team supporting this project has been hand selected based on their skills and experience. Due to the specialized nature of this project, Clearpoint requires counselors to complete additional training and ongoing education.


Fannie Mae’s Disaster Response Network – Homeowners can see if Fannie Mae owns their loan and request help by visiting the Loan Lookup Tool at or by calling 1-800-2FANNIE (1-800-232-6643).

Our team looks forward to bringing Project Porchlight to your organization.

Kate Bulger
Relationship Manager