Three Clearpoint Counselors Recognized by NerdWallet

If you ask our counselors what they enjoy most about their jobs, many of them will say “the clients.” That’s because our counselors are compassionate and mission-focused people, and they know that in many cases they serve as a bridge between desperation and hope. They help worried and overwhelmed clients with grim financial prospects reach an unthinkable goal—the relief and freedom of paying off debt. This is important work—providing financial education, creating an action plan, and connecting clients with local resources—and three Clearpoint counselors were recently recognized for their efforts in NerdWallet’s list of “30 Credit Counselors Who Made a Difference.”

The Counselors and Their Stories

Here is a brief look at each counselor along with their fondest memory of working with our clients.

Kevin Weekley

Kevin Weekley

Weekley, a credit counselor at our Atlanta headquarters, has worked at Clearpoint since 2007 and is an alumnus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He was Clearpoint’s 2015 Counselor of the Year and nominated for the NFCC’s Professional Achievement and Counseling Excellence award. Weekley’s proudest career moment was helping a military client avoid losing his security clearance due to student loans in collections. He helped the client develop a budget and identify a surplus that was then used to repay the loan. After several on-time payments, the loans were taken out of collections.

Joy Gaddis

Joy Gaddis

Gaddis, a credit counselor at our Marion, Illinois branch, has worked at Clearpoint since 2006 and is an alumna of John A. Logan College. Looking back at her accomplishments, Gaddis remembers helping an attorney shed $260,000 in credit card debt. Her appreciative client sent her an email each time a credit card was paid off. Gaddis saw his excitement and encouraged him along the way, helping him pay down all his debt in just 42 months.

Nancy Herring

Nancy Herring

Herring, a credit counselor at our Granada Hills, California branch, has worked at Clearpoint since 2014 and is an alumna of California State University – Northridge. Herring’s proudest achievement was helping an elderly client with more than $91,000 in credit card debt. By educating her and providing a realistic budget, Herring helped the client reduce everyday expenses and get her finances under control. The client stopped using her credit cards and is successfully paying off her balances.

Fulfilling Clearpoint’s mission of Consumer Health through Financial Education, these counselors each provide one-on-one coaching to about 500 clients annually, helping them develop a budget and create a plan to resolve debt. They are the foundation of our organization, and we are both lucky and thankful that they take their commitment to heart.

Thomas Nitzsche is Clearpoint’s Media Relations Manager, former credit counselor and resident credit expert. He enjoys bargain travel, planning his tiny house project and working on his family’s 1850’s farmhouse in southern Illinois. You can follow him on Twitter.

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