Net Worth Calculator

It's important to know your net worth, because it's an indicator of your financial health. Figuring out your net worth will show you both your strengths (your assets) and your weaknesses (your debts), and help you better focus on long-term planning. To calculate your net worth, add together everything you have of value, and subtract from that your liabilities (what you own minus what you owe).

Step 1 - Total Assets

Stocks and stock funds: $
Bonds and bond funds: $
Cash (savings, CDs, money market accounts): $
Retirement accounts (401(k), IRAs, SEPs): $
Variable annuities $
Value of primary residence: $
Vacation property/second home: $
Art, collectibles, jewelry, furnishings: $
Other: $

Total Assets: $

Step 2 - Total Debts

Mortgage(s): $
Home-equity loan: $
Student Loan: $
Car Loan(s): $
Credit Cards: $
Other: $

Total Debts: $

Step 3 - Net Worth

Total Assets: $
Total Debts: $

Net Worth: $