Monthly Debt-to-Income Ratio Calculator

Use the debt-to-income ratio calculator below as a barometer of your current financial situation. It's a quick way to learn if you earn enough each month to confidently cover the bills. Later, use the Build a Budget tool to see how you can maximize your current earnings. Instructions: enter the monthly payments for your debts below. Click "Calculate Total." Then enter your monthly take-home pay and click "Calculate Total."

Debt 1 $ Debt 2 $
Debt 3 $ Debt 4 $
Debt 5 $ Debt 6 $
Debt 7 $ Debt 8 $
Debt 9 $ Debt 10 $
Debt 11 $ Debt 12 $

Total Debt: $
Take-Home Pay $
Total Monthly Debt Payments (Excluding Mortgage) $
Debt-to-Income Ratio: %

If your Debt-to-Income Ratio is:

Under 15%-Relax. Continue repaying your debt and recalculate your debt-to-income ratio periodically.

15% - 20%-Caution. Get a free credit counseling session now before debt becomes a problem. We'll give you long-term solutions to budgeting and managing your finances.

Over 20%-Danger! Meet with a credit counselor soon. We'll help you work out a repayment plan that could save you hundreds of dollars every month and offer you peace of mind.