Feed a Family for $5.55

Food prices in the U.S. are rising at the same time as many families are struggling to make healthier choices. Eating out has contributed to an obesity epidemic. Ironically, the economy’s turn south has resulted in a positive development for public health: Fatty, sodium-laden restaurant meals are becoming a luxury fewer people can afford. Eating in can be both healthy and inexpensive. Clearpoint is pleased to bring you some budget-saving supper solutions that are also quick and wholesome. We’ll show you how to stretch your weekly grocery budget using a little planning and organization. We visited bulk retailer Costco to determine when it makes financial sense to buy large quantities. We used Kroger prices as a benchmark, but we encourage you to shop around, opt for store brands, and use coupons (but don’t let a discount of a few cents dupe you into buying premium-priced, high-calorie, prepared food items that you can make more cheaply yourself).

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