Pre-purchase Counseling Partnership

Pre-purchase housing counseling is an effective way to ensure that prospective homeowners make informed decisions during the home buying process. FHLB and many state and local housing authorities participate in AHP initiatives whose goal is to provide affordable housing for low- to moderate-income individuals and families. Most down payment assistance and rehab grant programs that these institutions offer require some form of pre-purchase housing counseling prior to loan closing. These institutions require that counseling providers be certified by HUD and administer the counseling according to HUD guidelines. Clearpoint’s counseling meets these requirements.

Benefits of the Program

Clearpoint’s pre-purchase programs offers comprehensive counseling and education that prepares clients to navigate successfully through all aspects of the home buying process. This programs helps the client avoid the types of pitfalls that lead to foreclosure, and it can meet the requirement of a down payment assistance program, neighborhood stabilization program, or other such program.

For our partners, this program is beneficial because, by using our services, they can give constituents access to consistent material and a consistent message. We also offer reporting and a certificate of completion for the program.

Candidates for this type of partnership include FHLB Regional Banks, state and local housing authorities, prospective homeowners and large mortgage lenders.

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