Employee Assistance Program

Ongoing research continues to demonstrate that there is value for employers who provide effective tools to their employees to help them manage their financial challenges. Employees are less productive and maintain higher stress levels when they encounter financial hardships. Employers who support improving the financial health of their employees can increase morale while also helping to decrease attrition rates.

By giving your constituents access to our robust services, you are empowering them to regain financial control and make healthy financial decisions. We can offer a variety of services, depending on needs. These include:

Counseling Services: Clearpoint offers face-to-face counseling in 49 branch offices in 15 states, as well as phone and internet counseling nationwide. With any method of counseling, the session is holistic and addresses the housing situation within the context of the client’s overall financial situation. Sessions include an assessment of goals, an in-depth analysis of the budget and credit report, and referrals to local and national resources as applicable.

  • Early Intervention/Foreclosure Prevention: A personalized Foreclosure Prevention Counseling session will reveal your overall financial picture and explain possible alternatives to foreclosure.
  • Post Modification: Helping clients remain current with their modified loans.
  • Pre-Purchase: We help clients understand the home buying process and help them budget for their new home.
  • Reverse Mortgage: Our Reverse Mortgage Counseling provides education to seniors interested in accessing cash or supplementing their monthly income through home equity.
  • Bankruptcy Pre-Filing & Pre-Discharge: A counselor will provide clients with financial advice and resources specific to each situation. Required by law, bankruptcy counseling and education must be completed.

Debt Management: The program gives participants a personalized, structured, repayment plan to address each creditor’s requirements. Unlike a bankruptcy or debt settlement, our clients repay 100% of the original debt over several years.

Budget & Credit Counseling: Family Financial Counseling can help families who are struggling with debt, need help creating a household budget, or are not sure how to start addressing their financial challenges. Certified credit counselors will provide coaching to help create a budget and action plan designed to reinforce positive financial behavior, including reducing debt and building an emergency fund.

Personalized Learning Program (PLP): The PLP is a customized online financial education website that is designed to increase financial literacy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The online education programs encompass three- to five-minute interactive learning modules that are designed to fit the needs of the participant. These programs offer pre- and post-tests, certificates of completion, tools, calculators, online journals, and quarterly touch points and tracking of progress for those participants who elect to opt in to this additional feature.

Know the Score: This program is designed to help individuals change their financial behavior by implementing positive and consistent money management practices which can improve their overall credit standing over time. The programs include courses, assignments and activities designed to promote continuous learning in areas of effective budgeting, credit and money management and financial goal setting.

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Our Employee Assistance Program is designed for use by EAP providers, plan benefit administrators and employers. Contact us to learn more about providing a robust Employee Assistance Program to members of your organization.

Michelle Jones
Chief Development Officer