Bankruptcy Partnership

In 2005 the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA) was signed into law. The law requires that all consumer bankruptcy filers complete bankruptcy counseling prior to filing their bankruptcy with the court. In addition, each bankruptcy filer must complete a debtor education course prior to the discharge of their bankruptcy. All bankruptcy counseling and debtor education providers must by registered and approved by the Executive Office for US Trustees (EOUST).

At Clearpoint, we currently offer both pre-filing counseling and pre-discharge education to consumer bankruptcy filers. As of September 2013, Clearpoint maintains approximately 2.62% of the market among all providers of bankruptcy counseling. Clearpoint has several thousand bankruptcy attorney referral relationships established.


Pricing is variable. In all but 16 states (AZ, CA, DE, IL, IN, KY, MA, MD, MI, NJ, NV, OH, PA, TX, WA & WV) our price for bankruptcy counseling is $50. Within the 16 states listed above our price is $20. In all but three states (AZ, MD & NV) our price for pre-discharge education is $50. Within these three states our fee is $20. Bankruptcy counseling and education align with our mission to help low- to moderate-income individuals navigate and overcome the financial challenges that they face.

Benefits of the Program

This type of counseling is efficient, available online 24/7, and only requires a single point of contact with a Clearpoint chat counselor. Certificates are administered upon completion, and we provide housing counseling to those filers that are also homeowners.

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