Credit Counseling in West Palm Beach, FL

Clearpoint has been providing consumers with budget, debt and housing advice for 50 years. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with branches across the country, Clearpoint’s counselors help consumers identify the causes of their individual financial problems and make a plan to address them. Clearpoint's West Palm Beach branch has been serving clients in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast for almost 40 years.

Hours & Location

Address: Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions
2112 S Congress Ave
Ste. 200

Palm Springs, FL 33046
Clearpoint's branch in West Palm Beach is located in the Cedar Square Building off of South Congress Avenue

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Office Hours: Office hours vary by location. For our local branches, please be sure to call ahead for specific hours of operation.

Call Center Hours (ET):
Want to reach us by phone instead of coming into the office? Counseling by telephone is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Telephone: 561-472-5060

Is Spanish available? Spanish counseling is available in this branch.

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