Additional Counseling Resources for DMP Clients

Want help with something other than a DMP? We have you covered. Be sure to talk to your counselor as well, for the most specific advice.

Sometimes life throws us curveballs. Even when we’ve made plans, life events can alter our circumstances, require us to change course and move in a different direction. Luckily, Clearpoint is here to help guide you with our variety of services to meet your unique financial challenges or goals. Read on to learn more!

Bankruptcy Counseling

Overview: If you are struggling to make your DMP payments, or have missed multiple payments, you might be considering bankruptcy. Anyone who wants to file for bankruptcy is required by the US Bankruptcy Code to complete two forms of counseling and education, called “Pre-bankruptcy credit counseling” (taken first) and “Pre-discharge Debtor Education” (taken second).

Clearpoint offers both of these services, and provides some important benefits:

  • Self-paced online course
  • Certificates provided at end of session
  • We work with your lawyer for a seamless experience*

*You’ll likely want to find a bankruptcy lawyer before signing up for the counseling service, though that isn’t required.

Learn More about Bankruptcy Counseling

Read about the two types of counseling, our process, and pricing.

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Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

Overview: We’ve been helping you with credit card debt, but you might have a mortgage, too. You don’t want to fall behind and risk your most important asset. Our housing counselors can help you with a variety of strategies to make your housing costs more manageable. Even if you’ve tried working with your mortgage servicer before, don’t give up. Sometimes, working with our team of experts makes all the difference!

Here are some key benefits to the service:

  • Develop an action plan based on your budget, net worth and goals
  • Explore your best options first, like a repayment plan, modification or partial claim
  • Get support from a counselor who will mediate on your behalf
  • Get help with all the confusing paperwork with our document submission assistance

Learn More about Foreclosure Prevention

Read about our process, the programs we use, and pricing.

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Pre-Purchase Counseling

Overview: If you’re thinking about buying a home while you’re on the DMP or after you complete the program, we can help! We have resources to teach you everything you need to know about the homebuying process.

What you’ll learn:

  • Who’s involved in the process
  • How to ensure your home is affordable in the long-term
  • What to do if you run into financial difficulty along the way

We offer this service in different formats, to meet your needs. We offer a self-paced online course, phone counseling and in-person counseling.

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Read about our counseling process and online self-paced course, and see pricing information.

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Have you talked to your counselor lately?

If you're struggling to make DMP payments, be sure to talk with your counselor first. They know the specifics of your situation and will provide the best advice.