The Financial Dos and Don’ts of Spring Cleaning

Spring is heading our way, and not only does it bring warmer weather, it brings the task of spring cleaning. This season we want to share with you ways to save money and time. In order to be the most efficient with your time and savings, check out the list below for three things you should do and three things you should pass on this spring.

What NOT To Do

Here’s a look at three costs you can probably avoid this spring.

1. Do not clean the coils on the back of the refrigerator

refrigerator coils
The idea behind cleaning the coils on the back of the refrigerator is that it will make it run more efficiently. According to one study using measured tests, refrigerators showed there was no or little evidence of improved efficiency from cleaning the coils. Save your time and strength because this is unnecessary. If you want to learn more about how they calculate the savings-to-investment ratio to figure out if it is worth the money and time, check out this article.

2. Do not have the furnace serviced yearly

While this is a good time to clean the furnace and make sure everything is running properly and efficiently, it is not necessary to do every year. Every 4-5 years is sufficient unless there is a problem with your unit. Having it serviced every year will be more costly than the savings it would provide in terms of efficiency.

3. Do not change the air filter every month

Your air filter gets pretty dirty during the winter season, so now is a good time to change it if you have not done so in the last two months. Air filters can be costly, so don’t believe the myth that it is important to change the filter every month. Every three months is a good guide, especially if you clean them regularly.

An alternative is to buy the super-cheap filters (you know, the ones that are priced under $3) and then change those every month.

What TO Do

And here’s a look at some money saving and money making tips you should definitely try this season and year round!

1. De-clutter and sell your unwanted items

Spring is the perfect time to have a yard sale, even if you just want to have a virtual one. There are several “yard sale” pages on Facebook, so you can search for a local page near you and post your items for sale. This is quick and convenient. Then, of course, ebay, Craigslist and traditional yard sales are good options, too. When you need the extra cash, don’t donate or throw things away without first making a good effort to sell them.

2. Make your own cleaning solutions

Cleaning Products
This task may sound daunting but it is simple. You can buy spray bottles from the dollar store or a hardware store or reuse bottles you already own. You probably already have the ingredients you need for the solution in your pantry. For an all-purpose cleaner, use four tablespoons baking soda and one quart warm water. You can add lemon essential oil too, if you prefer. This will give it a delightful smell and make it anti-bacterial.

3. Spend extra time outside

With the coming of spring we get to set our clocks forward and have extra hours of daylight. To save money, spend time outside in the evening and keep your lights and television off. This has many benefits. It will help you burn some extra calories, save some money on your electric bill and help you get some Vitamin D.

Want more help?

Here at Clearpoint, we want you to make the most of your time and money. If you have found yourself in a tight spot financially, contact us for a free budget and credit counseling session or check out our free budget calculator. We encourage you to make the most of the season, so get to hopping on these tips to save you time and make you some money.

Courtney is Clearpoint's Social Media Specialist, a mom of two boys, married to her high school sweetheart, introverted by nature and a lover of music, movies, coffee and all things Asian. People and their behavior is her specialty; helping others is her passion.

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    Regarding Furnace maintenance, as long as the burners ignite there is no reason to replace the igniter. Igniters either work or don’t. There is no reason to replace an igniter unless it doesn’t work.

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