Thank You, Scott Gamm

In our industry, sometimes our biggest challenge is just asking people to listen. We want to reach everyone, in every demographic, since financial literacy is a global concern. One of the most difficult groups to reach is that of young people. Youth don’t like to think about money, or don’t know that they should be.

Scott Gamm, a nineteen-year-old at New York University, recently signed with a publisher for his book, More Money, Please, which was written with high school students in mind. The fact that this young man is reaching out to his peers shows that the concern for personal finance is spreading.

We applaud Scott and his efforts, as providing consumer health through financial education is Clearpoint’s stated mission. That being said, teaching people how to manage their finances is only half the battle; making them care enough to reach out to others has to be a recognized goal.

Scott Gamm, along with the release of his book, founded, an educational website. He believes that personal finance should be a required class for high school students. I hope that Gamm’s work will foster other financial heroes. We at Clearpoint will continue to do our part.

Chris Honenberger is the former President and CEO of Clearpoint. He has significant experience in law, banking and finance, and executive leadership, and during his time at Clearpoint he guided the agency toward its mission of “consumer health through financial education.”

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