Summer Vacations for Less

Money is tight for most American families and summer vacation is here.

Here are 6 quick tips to travel further with your dollar.

1. Use traveler’s checks.

Set aside a certain amount for each day and stick to the budget.  Having to sign each check before the purchase is made will help you be much more conscious of your spending than if you use a credit card.

2. Visit locally and day trip to a few different locations.

There are many great attractions within a day’s drive of just about any point in the U.S. Get creative and explore areas within an hour of home.

3. Visit a state park, national  park, or a museum.

Many museums, state and national parks offer free or inexpensive admission. Take advantage of these low-cost educational attractions, after all your taxes pay to run many attractions.

4. Travel mid week to take advantage of  coupons or specials.

Coupons and specials can be a great way to reduce costs, traveling during non peak times can also be a great way to get a deal.

5. Split the cost.

It may sound funny, but going dutch and traveling with another family can be a great way to reduce travel expenses.

6. Pack your dinner.

Many times the best specials can be had for lunch. Eating out for lunch only and dining in for dinner is a great way to reduce costs.  One idea is to invest in a travel cooler that plugs in to your cars accessory outlet and can keep food refrigerated all day.

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