Regular Joe overcomes HBS Debt!

Are you one of the folks who complain that “this younger generation” just doesn’t know how to manage money? If so, I suggest that you log onto and read about Joe Mihalic. This is an inspiring story about and 29 year old Texan who set a goal of eliminating $90,000 in student loan debt in less than one year, and then beat his goal by months.

Whether you agree with all of his methods, or even agree that such an effort makes economic sense – he apparently sold off a lot of “stuff”, cashed in a 401k retirement account and lost employer contributions to his 401k for the 9 months while he paid down his account – the facts are that he set a vision, developed and plan and executed the plan to successful completion.

Much of the secret to good financial planning is the planning. The balance of the effort falls into the areas of commitment and execution. So take a few minutes and explore Joe’s site. It also was well planned and the end result shows excellent execution!

Chris Honenberger is the former President and CEO of Clearpoint. He has significant experience in law, banking and finance, and executive leadership, and during his time at Clearpoint he guided the agency toward its mission of “consumer health through financial education.”

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