Give the Gift of Employment

A troubled economy and record high unemployment have changed the way many are facing the holiday season this year. Standard Christmas wish list items like an iPod and Xbox have been replaced by the need for a steady income. If finding a job is a priority for someone on your gift list, consider the following ways to help with the gifts that you give:

1. Networking is a key to successfully landing a good job. You can assist that person on your list by giving them a membership in a trade or community organization that helps them meet people in their line of work. Some of those people may be in a position to hire.

2. Give them the gift of time and peace of mind by offering to help with some of their chores for a while so they can devote full attention to their search for work. Easing the distractions of daily life could be just what helps them land the right job.

3. Resume writing and distribution takes time, but it also requires resources. Contribute to this effort by providing software, computer access, printer ink, paper, and other items that can be costly for someone without income from a job. Additionally, you could arrange to have their resume professionally reviewed and edited.

4. A job interview is critical moment, and one of the final hurdles to clear before getting hired. You can help by giving the gift of clothing accessories or outfits that will give them a professional appearance when they meet with potential employers.

These are just a few suggestions, but being supportive of your friends and loved ones who are searching for work can also be an important gift as well.

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