Free Download of Debt Free for Life Book 1/5

If you’ve resolved to get out of debt in 2011, start the new year right with bestselling personal finance author David Bach’s new book—Debt Free For Life: The Finish Rich Plan For Financial Freedom.

The book shares money management and debt reduction strategies for those interested in credit counseling as well as those already on a debt management program.

The free download is offered to Clearpoint’s clients and site visitors from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, January 5th only.

Sample topics covered in the book include:

  • How bankruptcy works, when to use it, how long it will take to recover
  • Mortgage debt: How to protect your home and pay off your mortgage early
  • How to get non-profit credit counseling and a professional to guide you out of debt—where to go and who to trust
  • How to get late fees waived and annual fees credited back
  • 12 step action plan to improve your credit score
  • 9 ways to crush your student loan debt
  • 4 simple ways to lower your interest rate on a credit card

Clearpoint has been helping consumers with their personal finance goals and debt repayment strategies since 1964. Today, we work with consumers all over the country through counseling that is administered online, in person or over the phone. Learn about our services today!

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