Earn Cash From Unwanted Electronics

When ends don’t meet in your household budget, you’ve got two choices–either increase your income or decrease your expenses. Most people find it easier to keep cutting, cutting and cutting expenses than figuring out how to increase income. And, it’s true, it’s a lot harder to do the latter, but we’ve got an idea for you.

Your earlier version digital camera, cell phone, MP3 player and other unwanted electronics drop in value every day you hang on to them. You could sell them on Craigslist or eBay, but if you’ve been procrastinating and it just seems like too much trouble, consider these options:

The folks at Gazelle.com buy used electronics, refurbish them (including clearing off any remaining personal data) and resell them. They make it easy by letting you know how much you will get for the item before you send it in. And, they send you a box or bag and pay for the shipping. If your item has no resale value, they’ll let you know right away.

There are a number of other very similar services. They basically only differ in what they buy and sell and how much they offer:

  • BuyMyTronics.com
  • yourenew.com
  • nextworth.com
  • flipswap.com

Most importantly, shop around to check the prices you’ll earn to decide which is best for you. Also, before shipping your item/s check the terms to see what will happen if the company disagrees with your description of the condition of the items.

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