Building Savings by Greening Your Wallet

Did you know that helping the environment can also help you in buidling savings?  It’s true! Going green can actually put more green back in your wallet. Here are just a few environmentally friendly money savings tips:

Reusable Shopping Bags:  Many grocery stores and retailers will offer a discount if you bring your own bags.  My local grocery store gives you $0.03 towards your bill for each bag you use.  It may not seem like a lot, but trust me, it can add up!  And you’re doing your part to cut down on waste and garbage from disposable plastic bags.  Plus, most reusable bags are sturdier than plastic bags when carrying those heavy canned goods!

Water Bottles:  Instead of buying packs of bottled water, invest in a reusable bottle and a filtration system, if your water is not good drinking quality.  You’ll cut down on waste form the plastic bottles and start seeing the savings in no time!

Plant a garden:  With today’s rising food prices, produce costs can eat away a major part of your grocery budget.  Give you and your family the healthy foods they need and give your wallet a break by planting a vegetable garden.  With a little time and care, you’ll reap the benefits with delicious meals.

Sign up for paperless billing:  Some companies will offer discounts if you use paperless billing – sometimes up $1.00 per bill.  This helps to reduce the paper, ink and energy used to print monthly bills and puts a little extra cash in your pocket.  And, if you also pay your bills online, you can add in the stamp savings as well!

Make your own cleaner:  Homemade cleaners tend to be less toxic than traditional store bought cleaners and they cost only pennies to make – you’ll just need some simple items like baking soda, vinegar and lemon.

Use a rain catcher:  This could be something as simple as a bucket used to catch the water Mother Nature provides for free.  Use it to water your plants (or your vegetable garden!) and save on your water bill.

Line Dry Clothing:  The dryer uses a surprising amount of energy, thus increasing our utility costs.  Try hanging a clothes line or use a drying rack and place clothes outside to dry under the warmth of the sun.   The environment appreciates any attempts we can make at reducing energy consumption.

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