“Buffetted” by Financial Literacy

If you are like me, even your best magazines get little concentrated attention. I find myself reading outdated editions on my favorites, Fortune, Cook’s Illustrated and Bon Appetite, for months after they arrive in the mail. My favorite places are a few minutes before I retire, during commercials of televised National’s baseball games and anytime on a Sunday afternoon. Recently, I picked up an article in the February 27, 2012 edition of Fortune, written by Warren Buffett, entitled: Why Stocks Beat Gold and Bonds. While I understood and appreciated the logic of Mr. Buffett’s commentary, what I was most impressed by was the fact that I now have a new and improved appreciation for the difference between an investment in corporate ownership and an investment in either commodities or debt. I consider that new understanding to be my recent dose of financial education – which in turn improved my financial literacy.
In today’s complex financial environment, continuous exposure to financial education – our relationship with money, debt and savings, is essential to a healthy life style. And if this 60 year old can learn from a 5 month old commentary in Fortune magazine, then it can’t be too hard for others to keep growing their knowledge base.

Chris Honenberger is the former President and CEO of Clearpoint. He has significant experience in law, banking and finance, and executive leadership, and during his time at Clearpoint he guided the agency toward its mission of “consumer health through financial education.”

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