8 Great Ideas for a Moms’ Night Out for $10 or less

Waking up at 5am to your child’s voice, “Mommy, it’s morning, wake up”, is a sign another day has begun. You stumble to the coffee maker, fix everyone breakfast, then spend all morning folding clothes, picking up toys, and making sure no one gets hurt. Before you know it, it’s lunch time and then you have to work a few hours through nap time. A couple more hours of play and then it’s time to finish the day cooking dinner, giving baths and putting everyone to bed. Day in and day out this can be wearing on a mom. It’s really important to find time to relax and do something you enjoy, because all moms need a little time to themselves every now and then. A great way to get this time and to have a social life outside of the little ones you are with all day, is to plan moms’ night outs. Here are some suggestions for fun, frugal things you and your girlfriends can do for $10 or less.

1. Window shop.

Women window shopping

Head to the mall or to a local outlet, grab a coffee and just walk and peruse the stores. This is something you may have forgotten how to do since little ones make this task 100 times harder. For the most part this can be stress free, there’s no pressure to buy anything. This could be free or just the cost of your drink as you walk around.

2. Potluck and Wine


Women love food and wine, don’t we? Talk to your friends and get everyone to sign up to bring a little something to share. If it’s not possible to get a house to yourself, head to a restaurant to share an appetizer and get a drink.

3. Meet at a Park to walk and talk.


Summer nights are one of my favorite times to stroll around the park. You could pack a picnic and just stroll and talk for a couple hours. It sure beats chasing after the little ones who may be hanging from the monkey bars.

4. Go to a Zumba class together.


Moms often have a hard time fitting in a workout so why not make your free time count? You are more likely to get a workout in if you have an accountability partner or a friend meeting you there. And, classes like Zumba are more like a dance party than a gym workout. If you are not a member of a gym you can often go with a friend as a guest for $10 or less and sometimes they have free passes for friends and family so be sure to check that out.

5. Look for free or cheap events around your area.


The summer offers weather that is perfect for movie nights on the lawn, festivals, concerts, and more. Check Facebook for a page dedicated to your area for free events.

6. Have an at home spa.

face mask

How does a manicure, pedicure, face mask, and a chick flick sound? Add some girlfriends in the mix and it will be a night to remember. More than likely the moms around you want to get a night away as well. Check out our guide to a cheap DIY manicure and pedicure.

7. Look for coupons to play putt putt or go bowling.

putt putt

Check Val-pack or Groupon for coupons for activities in your area. Putt-Putt is fun even without your little one. (Maybe even more so since you don’t have to chase their ball around.) It costs roughly $7 to play 18 holes and provides some low-key competition and time for conversation.

8. Host a party.

at home sales party

There are so many in home sales companies going around now that you have your pick to choose from: jewelry, bags, kitchen tools, tupperware, make-up, etc. Find a representative and host a party for your friends. All you do is provide the space, a little snack, and a fun beverage. If your friends make purchases, you may even end up getting something for free!

Pamper Yourself

As a mom, you often feel like you have to be with your kids 24/7. Taking time for yourself should be guilt free. If you feel like you can’t afford to take time for yourself and you don’t have the resources for a night out, Clearpoint can help you with your budget. Contact our certified credit and budget counselors online now!

Courtney is Clearpoint's Social Media Specialist, a mom of two boys, married to her high school sweetheart, introverted by nature and a lover of music, movies, coffee and all things Asian. People and their behavior is her specialty; helping others is her passion.

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