6 Websites that Will Save You Money

When money is tight, we have to get creative on how to save a dollar here and there. The small savings add up to big savings, and we can stick to tight budgets while meeting our financial goals.

You deserve the best deal out there, but you may need help finding it. If you are looking to save money online, here are some great online resources to help you stretch your dollar even further while hunting for deals.


Ebates logo

Ebates is a great money-saving company that allows you to get cash back after shopping through its partner stores. They have affiliate relationships with thousands of stores. All you have to do is visit Ebates.com first and then click through to the store of your choice. You’ll receive cash back, discounts and other great offers.

If you’re wondering how this works, Ebates gets a commission from the stores it links to. Then, they split this commission with you. Some stores will only provide a few points cash back (think: 1 percent), but others will have very lucrative offers from time to time. It adds up! Ebates is great—though it might look questionable at first, trust me—it’s a quick and easy money saving tool.


Swagbucks logo

Swagbucks is a great rewards program that allows you to earn money, or swagbucks, back. Each swagbuck, or SB, is the equivalent to about 1 cent. Most commonly, swagbucks are earned after sign-up when the users complete online surveys. Each survey may be worth anywhere from 1SB to 1000SB.

You do not have to fret about where your information is going, because Swagbucks is up front and honest about the entire process. Your rewards eventually begin to add up and you have quick cash! There are lots of other ways to earn cash too (other than surveys) so be sure to take a look.


Slickdeals logo

Slickdeals is a great-find for anyone who loves searching for the best deal, especially for larger purchases. It is a massive deal-sharing site where members both share and rate deals that they have found and/or used. It makes it easy to find the best deals for what you are looking for, and the voting process helps prevent you from wasting your time on sub-par options.


Honey logo

The Honey app is an automatic browser extension that will help you find and apply coupons or deals whenever you are shopping online. The app literally applies coupons for you when you are in your shopping cart and checking out. They help you save even when you are unaware that a coupon exists. Right now, Honey is available on desktops, with plans to move mobile in the future.

It is completely free at this time, because Honey earns a small commission from their partner stores each time users buy online.

Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant allows you to save money and support charities at the same time. You can get better deals while giving back to the community. They have 2,782 Cash Back Stores that allow you to save money on your purchases. These stores range from Blue Nile to Forever 21, with a large variety of products. There is only a $1 minimum payment to charities, you get 5% cash back on Amazon, and for every coupon used, Giving Assistant donates a meal to a needy family in America.

Camel Camel Camel

Camel Camel Camel

If you love using Amazon for your online shopping, Camel Camel Camel could help you save money quickly. Nothing is more frustrating than buying an item and then seeing that the price drops within a day or two. Do not fret! They track price history of items on Amazon and let you know when there are price drops on particular items you are watching. Never again will you buy an item at full price that is going on sale soon.

So there you have it. These tools are super simple to use and can save you significant money over time. Did we leave anything out? If you have a favorite tool, let us know in the comments below. Also, if you want more help managing your budget and keeping your spending in check, be sure to try our free budget calculator.

Emilie is the brains, the brawn, and the beauty behind She Does Better, inspiring millennial women to live financially, physically, and professionally fit lives. She writes about overcoming debt, while balancing trying to eat healthy, stay fit, and have a little fun along the way. Read more about her journey here.

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