5 Ways to Truly Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is much more than the pool opening, the beginning of summer, or getting an extra day off. It is a day set aside to honor men and women who have lost their lives serving the United States of America. Originally called Decoration Day, it began May 30 of 1868 as a day for decorating the graves of soldiers who died in the Civil War. Joining the military can be very costly, with the highest possible price being life. Since 1775, more than 1.8 million have paid this ultimate price.

We want to encourage you to take some time and honor the sacrifice our military makes daily. Here are some simple ways you can celebrate with honor.

1. Make a soldier’s day by writing a thank-you card or note to send overseas.


2. Show honor and respect by visiting a local veteran’s cemetery, or war memorial.

Arlington Cemetery

3. Visit and take cookies to a nearby Veteran’s hospital.

va hospital

4. Go to a Memorial Day Parade or watch the National Memorial Day Parade on television.


5. Enjoy freedom by spending time with your family.

family time

Need Help?

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Thank you to all the men and women serving and who have served the United States and we wish everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day!

Courtney is Clearpoint's Social Media Specialist, a mom of two boys, married to her high school sweetheart, introverted by nature and a lover of music, movies, coffee and all things Asian. People and their behavior is her specialty; helping others is her passion.

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