Purple Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of on-site interpreting services, video relay and text relay services, and video remote interpreting. Purple is dedicated to developing fast, easy and free communications solutions and services for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and businesses using new technology platforms.

Text and Video Relay

In the case of a text relay call, the deaf consumer uses typewritten English to communicate back-and-forth with a relay operator who acts as an intermediary–typing whatever the hearing person says and voicing whatever the deaf individual types. Purple offers two different accessibility options for people with hearing loss who want to communicate using text. These include IP-Relay, a text relay service, and ClearCaptions, a telephone captioning service.

VRS is a service that provides deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals a means to communicate over video telephones and other technologies with hearing individuals in real time using American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters.

Purple VRS software can be used for both text relay and video relay calls and is free to download and use. All that’s needed is a computer of one’s choice – PC or Mac, webcam and Internet.

Click-to-Call Online

Purple also offers an add-on download called “Click-to-Call” that users can install on their PC. With both Purple VRS for PC and Click-to-Call installed, the phone numbers on any web page become clickable links to easily initiate a video relay call.

Click-to-Call On The Go

Purple VRS is also available for calls on the go–install Purple’s free app for iPhone 4, iPod touch, iPad 2, and many popular Android phones.

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