Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions has been working aggressively over the past three years building our capacity and local relationships to expand our service to the Hispanic community. We have been so successful in this area that we are expanding our efforts into a coordinated national initiative, OPORTUNIDADES TOUR 2013.

This innovative project marries the reach of the Mexican Consulates, serving 9 million visitors each year, and community partners with the financial counseling and education expertise of Clearpoint. These partnerships ensure that every participant receives both the information and the personalized guidance needed to increase financial stability.

Clearpoint’s ability to launch this complex initiative is supported by established relationships. Clearpoint has executed agreements outlining our partnership in the delivery of financial education with eleven Mexican Consulates. Clearpoint provides face-to-face counseling sessions, in Spanish and English, in our offices in these twelve markets and has been conducting outreach and education with many of these consulates for the better part of 2012.

As the Hispanic community has been disproportionally impacted by the economic downturn, this responsive program provides not only the education as well as one-on-one support to help families.

Download this informative .pdf for more information on the Oportunidades Tour.     

Clearpoint, in coordination with the Mexican Consulates in 12 markets nationwide, will be conducting quarterly financial education weeks centered on topics of critical importance to the Hispanic community, including banking, budgeting, credit and homeownership. Clearpoint will be delivering 144 workshops and reaching thousands of Hispanic families.

Past Oportunidades Events

Semana de Educación Financiera (Financial Education Week) April 22-26, 2013

Jornada del Crédito 2013 (Credit Conference) June 10-14, 2013

Upcoming Oportunidades Events

Week 3: Semana de Derechos Laborales (Labor Rights Week: What are you working for?) August-September 2013
Click Here for Dates and Times: Week 3 Events

Week 4: Jornada de los Pequeños negocios (Small Business Conference) November 11-15 2013

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