Financial Firsts for Teachers

Financial Firsts is an interactive, skill-building course designed to help students cultivate sound financial habits. It blends real-world scenarios and practical exercises in money management with a philosophy of responsible, ethical, long-term financial planning. The course equips students, in their mid-teens to early twenties, with concrete skills, but it also nurtures critical reasoning abilities that will help them make good life decisions as they transition from college, to work, to retirement.

A Financial Firsts textbook is available for purchase at cost today, and will soon be available through Pearson Higher Education.

In addition to the book, Clearpoint has developed a series of educational videos which reinforce the lessons. Teachers are welcome to play the videos in class on their own, as part of the Financial Firsts curriculum, or as a supplement to your own personal finance materials.

Watch several of our Financial Firsts videos below:

First Car: Buy A Car Without Getting Taken for A Financial Ride

Key Dos and Dont’s For Job Interviews

Getting a First Apartment

First Credit Card

Email Tara Alderete, Vice President of Education at Clearpoint, to request more information on how your school, college or university can benefit from our Financial Firsts resources for youth.